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Proofread Like A Pro

Proofread Like a ProYou work hard to produce effective business communications. However, you may overlook one important step in that process: proofing your work. It seems like you can work on a project for weeks, submit it, and someone who reads it for the first time finds errors that you missed. How can that happen?

Don’t let a lack of proofing skills to diminish all your hard work. You need a system that trains your eye to catch mistakes. You need this book.

This book sets forth a practical, systematic approach for proofing, called 3/9/3. It teaches you how to proof as well as what to proof—making you more efficient and effective in producing error-free business documents.

In learning the system, you’ll increase your awareness about errors most people miss. Detailed examples show you what those errors look like and teach you how to become proficient in finding and fixing them. And, while this book is not a set of grammar rules or a “how to write” guide, you’ll be able to apply some of its principles to editing as well.

Although the 3/9/3 system works for all business documents, this book goes further—with chapters that describe proofing issues unique to more than a dozen types of common business communications. You will receive scores of tips for proofing reports, PowerPoint presentations, Web content, grant proposals, letters, and many other daily business communications—so you can turn to this book both as a daily guide and as a trusted resource.

In the strictest sense of the word, proofreading is the process of searching for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. In a broader sense, proofing ensures that content is flawless and ready for distribution. Completing that task with confidence will be easy when you use the proven system presented in this book.

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