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CreateWrite® was founded in 2005 and incorporated in 2006. The company’s founder, Lana Christian, has worked in health care since 1974. Starting with a career as a clinical laboratory scientist, she worked in several major teaching hospitals, where preparing chemistry and blood banking lectures for interns and first-year medical students were part of her daily responsibilities. Later, she became a manager for a medical sales company, where she spearheaded development of technical/product training and sales training for the company’s internal and external sales force.

After obtaining a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling, Lana worked as a member of the rehab team in acute and sub-acute care settings. Her latest health care position (immediately prior to founding CreateWrite) spanned 12 years as Communications Coordinator of the education department in a large health care conglomerate. In this position, she developed many educational programs, including phlebotomy training for nurses, cross-training for technicians in the rehabilitation department, career advancement for entry-level employees and writing/communications courses for the hospital’s certificate training programs. Grant writing and marketing of these programs also were part of her responsibilities.

Lana has co-authored three books on health care trends and has several DVDs to her credit: FASD and your Child, Understanding FASD and Bipolar Spectrum Disorders.

With this wide variety of experience, Lana is uniquely positioned to lead CreateWrite in writing medical, technical, educational and marketing content for the health care industry.

CreateWrite purposely stays small enough to respond nimbly to customer’s needs. Our goal is to deliver effective, high-quality medical communications at a reasonable price. Companies that have benefited from CreateWrite’s work include Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Parke-Davis, Forest Labs, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Celgene, Roche Diagnostics and Clarian Health. In addition, CreateWrite has produced nationally distributed training materials for BASF and Monsanto, as well as writing projects for Microsoft.